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Tim Fulton

Community Builder | Engagement Catalyst | Ideation Enthusiast

About Me

A passionate advocate for community building, I spend my time enhancing outreach and engagement for businesses and institutions. I love creating opportunities for innovators to exchange ideas and inspiration, helping to foster a thriving ecosystem of growth and collaboration.

As a partner at an established venture studio, I help startups and entrepreneurs realize their ambitions. With my network and understanding of the business landscape, my intention is to guide, mentor, and support those looking to make a mark with their work.

Alongside my day job, I am also the host of a popular Columbus-centric podcast. Through conversations with local leaders, business owners, and creative minds, I try to highlight the vibrant culture, innovation, and opportunities that define Central Ohio.

When I’m not busy strengthening the community or supporting the startup scene, I am a self-proclaimed expert on the Back to the Future trilogy. My passion for this iconic film series is unmatched, and I take pride in my encyclopedic knowledge of its characters, plotlines, and behind-the-scenes trivia. This lighthearted hobby showcases my ability to balance work and play, reminding us all of the importance of embracing our passions and interests outside of our professional lives.